Smartphone Research

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Research Project

The research on Se-café.net members about Smartphone product line of Sony Mobile Communications AB

Instructor: Do Kieu Lan

Group: 4-Hummer H3

Class: I7KHa Hoang Ha

Nguyen Vu Hoang

Vu Dinh Huy

Hanoi, March 2012



I.Background information and rationale:3


III.Scope of the study:4

IV.Research questions:4

V.Structure of the research:4


Chapter 1: Theoretical basis5


+Research Method:5

Chapter 2: Research result6

1/ The ways to know about the products6

2/ The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony Smartphone7

3.The value of the result to researchers.12



1 Background information and rationale:

Sony Mobile Company was formerly known as Sony Ericsson Company is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, in charge of array phone products, especially smart phones.

In the beginning, Ericsson partnered with General Electric in the early nineties, primarily to establish a US presence and brand recognition.

Ericsson had decided to obtain chips for its phones from a single source—a Philips facility in New Mexico. In March 2000, a fire at the Philips factory contaminated the sterile facility. Philips assured Ericsson and Nokia (their other major customer) that production would be delayed for no more than a week. When it became clear that production would actually be compromised for months, Ericsson was faced with a serious shortage. Nokia had already begun to obtain parts from alternative sources, but Ericsson's position was much worse as production of current models and the launch of new ones was held up.

Ericsson, which had been in the mobile phone market for decades, and was the world's third largest cellular telephone handset maker, was struggling with huge losses. This was mainly due to this fire and its inability to produce cheaper phones like Nokia. To curtail the losses, it considered outsourcing production to Asian companies that could produce the handsets for lower costs.

Speculation began about a possible sale by Ericsson of its mobile phone division, but the company's president said it had no plans to do so. "Mobile phones are really a core business for Ericsson. We wouldn't be as successful (in networks) if we didn't have phones", he said.

Sony was a marginal player in the worldwide mobile phone market with a share of less than 1 percent in 2000. By August 2001, the two companies had finalized the terms of the merger announced in April. The company was to have an initial workforce of 3,500 employees.

So far, Sony Ericsson Company also had the products in each segment and each product line, but not really attracts many customers. So when Sony bought 50% of Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson alliance, this unit should have a change in marketing strategy to attract the attention of customers to its products.

Sony’s Smartphone is modernizing and developing strongly every single year, all of our team members are young adults, who want to catch up with technology so our team decided to have a survey on this fantastic product.

2 Purpose:

Our main purpose is to compare Sony Smartphone to other kind of Smartphone in the market. Here we use the best kind Smartphone up to now is the Apple Iphone. Apple has a strong way of develop their products, especially Smartphone. They have just released a most...
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