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Topics: Bluetooth,, ZigBee Pages: 5 (1517 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Nowadays, technology has become essential in daily life. There is no doubt that everywhere especially home, is starting to put new technologies to make life is easier. From that reason, technologies have been developed to answer the needs particularly wireless technology.

In the past, intelligent devices or home is only a dream or in a movie, but because of the desired of human push on new ideas and technologies to make it real. Wireless technology has been developed from wire to reduce inconvenience of installation, which are well known in recently such as WiFi, RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or etc. Intelligent home or smart home is the extension of residential, which has ability to automate household activity and housework. Also include light control, heating, circulating air, and air condition; it looks like what we see in TVs advertise such as when you arrived home, air condition, light are turning on and etcetera. In addition to security (door, mirror, gate), alarm system, and others. These all provide a comfortable, convenience, security and energy potency, which is suitable for families that have elderly or disability who need caretaker or custom care. Moreover, the smart home or home automation is simple to control via smart phone, tablet or your PCs, that means wherever you are you can monitor and control your home by your hand via cellular, or the internet which like you and home closely. [1]

According to the question, there is a family, which consist of a couple, two teenagers, a baby, a dog and a cat. Each person has a different life style but some time they will spend time together for family activities. For each room, there is a various system to satisfy everyone and also include home appliances.

Referring to wireless technologies that will use in the house, it should not be too expensive but have a good quality. However, these systems have been mainly controlled by software or application for controlling devices such as kitchen appliances, lighting, ventilation, energy saving and more. Additionally, wireless technologies and sensors are general used for reducing difficulties and cost. Together with GSM, 3G, or WLAN include a remote control system. Wireless technologies is a standard in everywhere in the world. As above mentioned about Zigbee, WiFi, and others; a cooperation of these standard can be imagined to how to build a smart home and can bear some of data transfer, sensor, and control.

Beginning with Bluetooth, this is one of the most well known technologies. This device are enabled to communicate each other via a short license-free radio, has a range of frequency about 2.4 GHz – 2.4835 GHz. Frequency-hopping spread-spectrum is used for keep away from obstruction. There are provided into 3 classes depend on the communication range, which are 100m for class 1, 10m for class 2, and 1m for class 3. The data rate of devices in Bluetooth differs from 1Mbps to 24 Mbps. [2]

Furthermore, there are many benefits of Bluetooth. One of possibilities is embed appliances with Bluetooth transceiver and communicate with home server. Also it can enable to monitor and control, which you can track disability person with Bluetooth enable sensor network via application. [3]

About Zigbee technology or IEEE 802.15.4 is suitable for Personal Area Network (PAN), it is not only because of a short range but also low cost, low power that operate on batteries for log life. In addition to the data rate between devices is from 250 kbit/s to 20kb/s, by the way, it depends on the distance between devices and transmission. However, this standard does not limit the size of network. Thus, Zigbee supports multiple networks and can connect to make a large network. In one hand, some sort of applications does not needs a high-speed in transmission for example, lighting air conditioning system, sensors or etcetera. It means Zigbee could not complete all function systems, so settle Zigbee with other complementary technologies...
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