It 241 Wireless Network Standards

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Wireless network standards



Sherry Desbrough

Wireless Network Standards

When it comes to communications, broadcasting signals, and staying within guidelines governed by the FCC and the IEEE here in the United States a system of standards have been developed in order to help the communications and information industry streamline their efforts to work together instead of against each other. Some people feel this is a good practice and conductive toward the progress and growth of technology. Other people feel these standards take away from the freedom of creativity and the ability of companies to produce their own standards and products which may win over popularity with the general public in turn becoming a De-facto standard. Different types of wireless LAN’S

The text book states “The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional society with members around the globe. Serving the computing, electrical engineering, and electronics professions, the IEEE engages in technical, educational, and professional activities that advance the theory and practice of what they call “electro-technology.” The 37 Societies and Councils of the IEEE routinely publish technically focused journals, magazines, and proceedings, as well as work on over 800 standards. Some of these standards apply to circuits and devices, communication and information technology, control and automation, electromagnetics, geoscience, ocean technology and remote sensing, instrumentation and measurement and testing, optics, power and energy, and signal processing. The first type of wireless radio wave transmission to describe in this paper is 802.11B. The 802.11B was an amendment to the original 802.11 standard released in because the original did not have fast enough speeds to be sufficient to support the needs that the technology required. 802.11B added speeds of 5.5 and 11 Mbps. The 802.11B standard also supports wireless devices that are up...
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