Smart Grid Vision to India

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Certified that this a bonafide record of the seminar work “ SMART GRID AND VISION FOR INDIA” by KODANDA RAM R B P U S B (Roll:12206109), submitted to the faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree in MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY in Power Systems from K L UNIVERSITY, Greenfields, Vaddeswaram.

Professor, Dept of EEEProfessor & HOD, Dept of EEE

Today, the electricity supply industry is wrestling with an unprecedented array of challenges, ranging from a supply-demand gap to rising costs and global warming. These and other forces are driving the need to reinvent the business. This influences the way society over the next few decades. On this situation utilities around the world are rapidly making the “Smart Grid” the centerpiece of their infrastructure development plans. Emerging consensus on the principal forces driving the transformation of the electricity network in the way, it produces, transportation and utilization of it. This shows that the Smart Grid cannot be reduced to a simple formula or template. It is as much a vision as a blueprint. We can say it is broadest interpretation, the smart grid vision sees the electric industry transformed by the introduction of two-way communications and ubiquitous metering and measurement. It will enable much finer control of energy flows and the integration and efficient use of renewable forms of energy, energy efficiency methodologies and technologies, as well as many other advanced technologies, techniques and processes that wouldn’t have been practicable until now. It will also enable the creation of more reliable, more robust and more secure electrical infrastructure, and it will help optimize the enormous investments required to build and operate the physical infrastructure required. In this session, Overview of Smart Grid, Requirements, Provisions for India are discussed with respect to the Technological and Economic aspects of India. In the later sessions, The detailed technological requirements ,Operations and Integration will be dealt. Followed by the general risks, compatibility issues and remedies associated with the Smart Grid.

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KODANDA RAM R B P U S B29-10-2012
Roll: 12206109 ( M.Tech P.S)

1.Overview and Back Ground5
1.1 Basic Reasons Influence Need for Smard Grid5
1.2 What Exactly is a Smart Grid?6
1.3 Key Characteristics7
1.4 Drivers in India7
1.5 Potential Benefits of Smart Grid8
1.6 Smart Grid and Environment8
2. The Technology of Smart Grid10
2.1 The Electricity Value Chain10
2.2 Evolutionary Changes in Network Operations11
2.3 How Smart Grid affect Generation and Transmission13
2.4 Intelligent Electronic Devices15
2.5 Telecommunications15
2.6 Information Technology17
2.7 Substation Automation for Smart Grid18
3.Engineering Economics and Financing20
3.1 Engineering Economic Issues20
3.2 Traditional Cost Benefit analysis20
3.3 Economics Benefits22
3.4 Service Benefits23
3.5 Environmental Benefits23
3.6 Challenges for the Smart Grid24
3.7 Funding issues for India26

AMIAdvanced metering infrastructure
APDRP Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
R-APDRP Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
AT&C Aggregate technical and commercial
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards
CPRI Central Power Research Institute
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
GIS Geographic information system
GOI Government of India
GPRS General packet radio service
ICT Information and communications technology
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute...
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