Slavery of Ivory Cost

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) carried out a protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) on the right way to treat Chicken The protest was a part of the animal rights organization's international campaign to pursue KFC to deal strictly with its suppliers' cruel treatment of birds. According to the PETA, video footage obtained after an "undercover investigation" of a US slaughterhouse in West Virginia show the birds being cruelly treated by workers. "Every bird KFC serves has endured a tortured life and a painful death. We are not asking people to become vegetarian as it will be impractical, but we are urging them not to have food from KFC until the company implements basic animal welfare standards," said PETA campaign coordinator. "I believe that like others, KFC must adhere to the standards set for animal welfare," said Sumit Bhattacharya, a regular at the outlet. According to PETA reports, KFC suppliers pack chickens in filthy and crowded warehouses. The birds are drugged for breeding and millions are scalded to death in de-featuring tanks. "PETA India has already written a number of letters to KFC executives about these issues. But KFC has refused to abide by the norms and is trying to hide behind its Animal Welfare Advisory Council in US, despite five of its members resignin\g in frustration. The protestors called for adoption of animal care standards, switching to controlled atmosphere killing and mechanised chicken gathering, with the laying down of transparent welfare standards.

In July 2004, PETA revealed the results of an investigation into a KFC-supplying slaughterhouse in Moorefield, West Virginia, where workers were caught on video stomping on chickens, kicking them, and violently slamming them against floors and walls. Workers also ripped the animals' beaks off, twisted their heads off, spat tobacco into their eyes and mouths, spray-painted their faces, and squeezed their bodies so hard that the birds expelled feces—all while the...
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