Slavery and War

Topics: Slavery, French and Indian War, United States Pages: 7 (2746 words) Published: March 28, 2013
1. What fundamental factors drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the New World? There were many fundamental factors that drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the World such as natural resources, overpopulation and religion. The European explorations have been hearing a lot about all the natural resources that the New World can offer to them. They wanted to travel and find the Far East for the gold, silk, spices, and possible crops that they may be able to bring back to Europe. They believed that the New World would be able to offer all of the natural resources that they may need in order to survive in Europe. They were also very fond of gold and all the other riches they may find. Another reason that drew the Europeans to the New World was due to population. Europe was getting overly populated and the lack of available land caused crowdedness. People were determined to get away from Europe and arrive to the American colonies to establish a new place to live. Due to overcrowding, majority of people in Europe were contracting unknown contagious diseases. Many people also wanted to get out of Europe to avoid being infected. Religion has also become a fundamental factor to the exploration of Europeans. There were many different types of religions that the Europeans wanted to spread to the New World. The Europeans wanted to convert all the Native Americans that they have encountered. The Catholics settled in Maryland, while the Quakers settled in Pennsylvania. The goal of the Puritans was to arrive in the New World and be able to freely worship any religion. They wanted to free themselves from the England’s church and be able to create their own churches. What was the impact on the Indians, Europeans, and Africans when each of their previously separate worlds “collided” with one another? Indians, Europeans and Africans were all significantly impacted when each of their previously separated worlds “collided” with another. The Indians were significantly impacted when the Europeans came to the New World. The diseases that the Europeans have contracted from Europe were brought to the New World, and resulted to killing thousands of Indians. The diseases were highly contagious and did not take long for countless amount of Indians to get them. If the diseases did not kill the Indians, the Europeans would mistreat them or force them to get out of their own land and move somewhere else. The Indians did not benefit much from the Europeans and overall caused interactions to negatively affect the Indians. The Africans also did not benefit much from Europeans and the interactions that they had. Europeans did not like the Africans because of the dark color of their skin. In result, Europeans took advantage and turned Africans into slaves in the Americas. Only a few Africans benefitted with the Europeans’ interaction with them; slave traders. Some Africans became slave traders and traded their own kind by capturing Africans and selling them to ships to travel to the Americas for profit. The Europeans benefitted the most when their separate worlds “collided” with the others. Due to their advance weapons and animals; they were able to kill the Indians or remove them form their own native land. After they did this, they were able to explore the land create new colonies, find new animals and plants to use for work and food. The Europeans benefitted from Africans because they enslaved them and did not have to pay for the labor. What caused the shift from indentured servant to African slaves as the dominant labor force in the southern colonies? The institution of slavery began in England because young women and men wanted to find a master who they will serve for (usual terms were from 4 to 5 years) to exchange for food, housing, and a way to get to America. After serving their time, men ended up being farmers, artisans or worse; unemployed without anything...
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