Age of Exploration Essay 2

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Latitude Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: April 25, 2011

2. European nations sent explorers across the oceans because they wanted to benefit the mother country. Since the population increased after the plague finished in Europe, their demands for trade goods grew even more. The Europeans needed an easy access to get resources and raw materials that were not available in their country from the new world to enrich the mother country by serving as a market for its manufacturing goods. The mother country made strict laws with their colonies that you can only provide us with free resources and raw goods, but you have to buy and pay us when the finished product is done. The colonies shipped the raw materials from the new world into the Atlantic Ocean to the mother country. This was called the Atlantic trade. The raw materials and resources were used to make manufacturing goods. Once the manufacturing goods were made they were exported back into the “new world” (known as North and South America) for them to buy their goods.

3. Technology aid European sailors in many ways. The magnetic compass was one of their great technologies. It was made around 1000. This device allowed sailors to determine the direction of the ship. The astrolabe was another big device. This was created in the 1400’s. The astrolabe measured the angles of the sun and stars above the horizon. The mercator projection was made in 1569 and this was a map projection that showed latitude and longitude as straight lines. Also the sextant, which was made about the 1500’s then remodeled in 1730, was an interesting. This device was for determining the altitude of the sun or stars.

8. Mercatilisim is an economic theory popular in the 1600’s that stated the role of the colonies was to enrich the mother country.

9. Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of property, the means of production and the right to invest ones capital (money) to make a profit.

11. The economic policy increased trade on the mother country. People were...
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