Slavery and Seventeenth Century

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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11.As the seventeenth century wore on, regional differences continued to crystallize, most notably a.the use of indentured servants.
b.loyalty to Enggland.
c.the continuing rigidity of Puritanism.
d.the breaking of the Atlanta economy.
e.the importance of slave labor in the south./// in the south 12.The population of the Chesapeake colonies throughout the first half of the seventeenth century was notable for its growth rate.
b.scarcity of women.
c.low death rate.
d.stable family life.
e.sizeable percentage of middle aged men.

13.In the seventeenth century, due to a high death rate families were both few and fragile in a.New England.
b.the Chesapeake colonies.
c.the middle colonies.

14.During the seventeenth century, indentured servitude solved the labor problem in many English colonies for all of the following reasons except that a.the Indian population proved to be an unreliable work force because they died in such large numbers. b.African slaves cost too much money. some areas families formed too slowly.
d.Spain had stopped sending slaves to its New World colonies. e.families procreated too slowly.

15.The “headright” system, which made some people very wealthy, entailed a.using Indians as forced labor. land to indentured servants to get them to come to the New World. the right to acquire fifty acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to America. d.discouraging the importation of indentured servants to...
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