Slavery 1680-1860

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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The execrable path to freedom
It was simply a low wage job, cleaning, cooking and beckoning to there owners needs. They owned there own property where there families live and attended the local churches every Sunday. With time they had freedom, agreements to be released from indentured servants and free with rights. Indentured servants were quite scarce and expensive and the issue of equal rights presented a major challenge to developing slave states like Virginia. Indentured servants slowly became life long servants, having no chance of release at a certain age. By 1660, laws were being enacted that defined the regulated slave relations. By 1680, slaves were chattel, nothing but property sold as commodities and traded. With slavery came empowerment to the white man and land ownership and all rights and freedom for Native Americans, poor whites, African Americans, and women diminish substantially in America. Americas growing settlements and colonies were completely dependent on slave labor and were growing fast because of it. America’s freedom was stripped during slavery due to the high dependency on African American slave trade. With the up rise of revolts and anti slavery acts, the colonies feel just how dependent on the slave trade and how little freedom they had.

In the beginning of the 1600’s pilgrims settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts with African American servants, not slaves. They were allowed to endure in the sacred bond of marriage, have children and own there own land. There freedom was fragile in a social order overwhelmed by racial hostility. Starting off in the new world as indentured servants made them inferiors beings to white people, they were legally, socially and culturally discriminated. As indentured servants were given there freedom they became scarcer, and a means of labor was in high demand for farm owners. Native Indians were forced into slave labor but refused to be enslaved on land that was taken from them in the beginning....
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