Skeletal Dissorders

Topics: Cancer, Bone marrow, Bone Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Shawn Johnson
Mrs Saltsburg
Human Anatomy
Skeletal Disorders
Leukemia: The condition of leukemia is when your bone marrow starts making abnormal white blood cells. Some of the symptoms include fever, headaches, joint pain, swollen spleen, and losing weight. To be diagnosed with leukemia, your white blood cells would be a high level and all the other blood cell levels would be lower then normal. The treatment for leukemia is chemotherapy( which uses medicine to kill the cancerous cells in the body), radiation (uses high dose of x-rays to kill the cancerous cells), stem cell transplant (rebuilds your supply of normal blood cells), biological therapy ( uses medicine to improve defenses from cancer). The prognosis of leukemia varies depending on how much of the body the cancerous cells have taken over. If the cancer is caught early then there is a good chance that if treated quickly the patient will survive but if not found till late stages of the disease then the chances of survival can be slim.

Bursitis: The condition of bursitis is that there is inflammation of a bursa, which is a membrane near joint between the muscle and bone. Some of the symptoms of bursitis include pain around the joints like the elbow and hip, redness, warmth, and swelling. The treatment for bursitis is to take an inflammatory, inject a corticosteroid drug, or surgically remove the bursa. The diagnosis of bursitis is that your doctor will examine the painful area and may take x-rays to examine the bursa. Then, they will take a sample fluid that is removed from the bursa. The prognosis of bursitis is that it usually last a short amount of time and with treatment goes away on its own.

Osteoporosis: The condition of osteoporosis is that your bones become thinner and lose strength. One of the symptoms of osteoporosis is loss of weight but there are no definite outcomes or other symptoms that cam be proven. The diagnosis of osteoporosis is that u may have curvature of...
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