The Aging Musculoskeletal System

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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The Aging Musculoskeletal System
Crysany Arroyo
GE 258
ITT Technical Institute

Osteoporosis is a disease that is described by low bone mass and loss of bone tissue basically thinning of the bones that lead to weak and fragile bones. Bones are always in a state of changing where new bone tissues are replacing the old bone tissue in order to keep the strength. It affects men and women but it is usually a disease that affects mostly women. However when someone is diagnosed with osteoporosis it means that the bone tissue and mass is not replaced as fast with new bone tissue which is one factor of osteoporosis. Another factor that causes osteoporosis is a deficiency in estrogen which typically occurs in menopause causing low bone density because of the drop of estrogen. The probable effects on an everyday life of an 84- year old thin white female maybe critical. Since the bones become so thin and have low bone density, a minor fall can cause a fracture.

Of all bone deficiencies osteoarthritis is the most common. It typically comes with aging and wearing of the joints. The joints have a protective cartilage(cushion that separates the joint from the bone) on the end of your bones that once you get older wears down damaging the joints. It affects both men and women. Generally before the age of 45 it affects men and affects women normally after the age of 55. The causes of the osteoarthritis are not due to injury or wear and tear of the joint although can have an increase in the severity but mostly has to do with the natural aging of the joint. It mostly affects the hands, feet, knees and hips. In an 84 year old thin white female osteoarthritis can be painful. Stiffness is a symptom of osteoarthritis which cause pain after inactivity of the joint after a period of time....
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