Skateboarding Crime?

Topics: Skateboard, Crime, Law Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Has there ever been an obstacle in the way of doing what you’re passionate about? If so, then you understand how I feel about the laws against skateboarding. When it becomes necessary for someone to become independent from these laws, then action must be taken. I shouldn’t have to stop a harmless, recreational activity just because of small unimportant reasons.

How would you feel if you were singing or dancing, or whatever you enjoy doing, and was fined, or asked to leave the premises. That’s how I feel whenever I skate a local stair set. To me, it’s an injustice that I shouldn’t have to face, yet I do almost every day. Skating isn’t a crime; just like painting a picture or playing an instrument isn’t a crime. Its recreation and I believe that I shouldn’t be penalized for it.

With constant exploitation from “authority figures” I don’t even have time to practice. Along with this, I can’t even focus when worrying when I will inevitably get kicked out of where I am. These law enforcers have oppressed me. They have belittled me. And more importantly, they have kept me from doing something that I passionately do, and have the right to do so. I have tried to abide by the laws. I have tried to avoid the laws. And I have tried to coexist with laws, and all to no avail.

Most people would agree that skateboarding isn’t a crime, it’s a way for kids to entertain themselves and more importantly stay out of trouble. On average, about four of every five places I skate, I am asked to leave. This is common to all the participants of the sport and we all agree that enough is enough. Skateboarders are often fined or arrested, simply for doing something they enjoy.

However, we can look at the other side of the argument. Some say that it damages property, but in all my years of skateboarding I have never damaged any property or even seen it happen. It’s about as likely and damaging property while riding a bike. Others argue that if caught, the owner of the property is...
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