Sixteen-Year-Old Drivers Cause a Lot of Accidents.

Topics: Automobile, Driving, Causality Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Yudilaine Escalante
Intermediate Composition II
Instructor: Liz Young

Sixteen-Year-Old Drivers Cause a Lot of Accidents.
The most accidents occurring these years have been caused by sixteen-year-old. Many of them caused for speeding. Sometimes these teenagers don’t have the experience necessary to star driving. Parents don’t figure that their children are a danger to society. They help them to get their driver’s license, following by buying a car. They don’t even realize that they are giving the wheel to death. We need to be more aware about this issue and try to find a way to solve this problem. There are some solutions that can be very useful to help reduce accidents caused by this irresponsible kids. For example, don’t offer a driver’s license to children until they get the majority of age, like eighteen or twenty-one years old. Set speeding limits until certain ages, and punish those who don’t follow these rules. Parents need to be more aware of the danger that can cause to buy a car to them at such young age, so they need to stop doing that and start thinking more responsible; keep doing this can result in more accidents and continue to cause death to many innocent people.

Teenagers by the age fourteenth are able to start driving classes. When they pass the test process they get a temporary license, which allow them to start driving with an adult on their side until they make the correct age. This is sometimes not respected, and they just go out to the streets alone without following the rules. At the age sixteenth these children finally get their driver’s license. I think one solution to this problem may be to prohibit driver’s license to these children until they get older. In the driving school they should teach driving deeper and increase the time they spent on it, that way they have more time to learn more deeply about the rules of driving safely. Actually on the day of taking the practical test, instructors should make sure they...
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