Teenagers Behind the Wheel

Topics: Automobile, Traffic collision, Mother Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Teenagers Behind The Wheel

June 19 of 2012, Nicholas Novaky drove his Durango into a tree on Wolfe Road in Budd Lake, New Jersey. It was 8:49 that Tuesday night when his mother got the call there had been an accident. Neil Solanky's parents also got notified as being the passenger of the car wreck. The families of the two friends now mourn together in remembrance of the former high school students. These guys will never be able to do what they worked their entire lives for; Walk across the stage with their graduating class of Mount Olive High School that was scheduled just two days after the incident. Eventually, everyone will cross paths with a dangerous driver in their lifetime, whether that person is talking on their cell, eating or putting on their makeup. You could be completely innocent in the whole situation. Nick, on the other hand, was not innocent. Sometimes it is very necessary to take a phone call while driving. The judgment is yours and Nick's poor judgment caused him his life along with his best friend. Wolfe Road is a long, narrow street that curves sharply. We assume that Nick did not recognize this so his ignorance to his surroundings resulted in him being another negative statistic for teenage drivers. Like Nick, many of today's people are distracted while driving. However, the most dangerous driving habits are possessed by teenagers. Most young drivers are not fully equipped with the knowledge to be safe drivers. It's so easy to obtain your permit and license without really knowing about how to operate a motorized vehicle securely. Also, the resources available go unrecognized. There are many classes, tutorials and improvement training and schools that one can take. Learning to drive is sometimes seen as a right amongst youth, but with driving, comes risk. With car crashes being the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S, CDC Injury Center's number one goal is to help stop wrecks and related deaths and injuries caused by...
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