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Outlining processes implemented through the following Six Sigma projects for IS‐HTM‐ Tech Support of HCL Technologies IS‐HTM‐Tech Support project: BEA‐WLS‐Support Six Sigma projects • • • Improving Org Learning Compliance Reducing Resolution time Streamlining Leave Management System

An overview of BEA‐WLS‐Support BEA Systems, Inc. is a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software. Customers rely on market‐leading BEA AquaLogic®, WebLogic®, and Tuxedo® product families to reduce IT complexity and leverage existing resources, while improving cost structures and growing new revenue streams with new services. BEA Customer Support offers a suite of solutions for both standard and mission‐critical environments that ranges from periodic checkups and regular maintenance to critical care. By providing flexibility and better productivity, BEA Customer Support provides its customers’ vital systems with key proactive and reactive solutions for availability and efficiency At IS‐HTM‐Tech Support (GHS, Bangalore) of HCL Technologies we manage Frontline BEA Global Customer Support known as India Support center (ISC) for the following products: • BEA WebLogic Server • BEA Workshop • BEA JRockit Development Relations Engineers (DRE), Frontline Support Managers (FL Manager) & Duty Managers (DM) constitute the FL team. This team works in coordination with the regional FL, BL (Backline), CCE (Customer Centric Engineering), Sales and SAM (Support account management). FL team offers technical support through case handling process. Customer satisfaction scores are based on the surveys conducted by a third party on randomly picked samples of cases closed in a week (Mon to Sun). Rating is spread over 1 (Dissatisfied) to 5 (Extremely satisfied). ISC divided into 3 customer regions have different deliverable targets for this metric. Moreover billing is volume & outcome based. 1

OUTLINING PROCESSES IMPLEMENTED ‐ SIX SIGMA PROJECTS S‐HTM‐TECH SUPPORT OF HCL TECHNOLOGIES Volume: Cases handled Outcome: CSAT Key deliverables • • • Response time Timely quality resolution Customer satisfaction


Above mentioned Six Sigma projects were identified to ensure the above deliverables are achieved & thereby improve the overall revenue of the project.

Project 1: Improving Org Learning Compliance
Background: Organization learning and tracking plays an important role in support environment. Not having / using the learning’s & problem analysis skills results in escalations and end‐ customer dissatisfaction. It is critical for HCLT to ensure that a CSAT of 4.1+ is achieved at consistent basis to meet the Project Revenue target. Not following process compliance has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction scores. Problem Description: In last 6 weeks, 44% of cases sampled are non‐compliant with Organization learning leading to Dis‐satisfied customers. The current dissatisfaction is 15.92% out of a sample of 383 cases. Solutions: • Email & Phone log templates have been incorporated with the following to be done on IRT or Problem confirmation Sharing problem understanding Resolution plan/Action plan Collecting details on impact/criticality/urgency Setting expectations Qualitative updates & responses (Identical follow‐up mails to be considered out of compliance) Adherence to expectations set in the action plan DRE cannot keep case in Active status for more than 2 days without authentic & proper justification being shared with the customer

• • •




Feedback on cases reviewed to be passed on to the DRE’s regularly & Managers to be alerted on sensing any Dissat/Customer disagreement

Achievements: CSAT rating by customer as 4.17 (Over all ISC) in FY08Q4 Org Learning Compliance scores 82% & 83% in Dec‐07 & Jan‐08 respectively Resolution...
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