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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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The Site Visit Report
Kimber Van Zile
BSHS 312
September 11, 2011
Linda Pagenkopf

Site Visit Report
The Salvation Army (also known as ARC) is a facility that helps individuals that are suffering from any type of chemical addiction and helps with temporary housing for those who are going through the program. The Salvation Army offers a variety of programs that do not single out one type of population, but they help and support a variety of populations. Their main target to focus on are those who suffer from substance abuse or chemical dependency. This program is not just a 12 step program that pushes people through. They help them focus and walk them through the importance of the steps, and helps them build a relationship with God through the program. They also require that their clients maintain a presentable appearance, as well as attend church on Sundays, bible study on Wednesdays and they must attend anonymous classes through out the week. (Salvation, Army, 2011)

As previously mentioned, the target populations for these programs are for those who suffer from substance abuse and or chemical dependency that keeps them from finding employment, out of jail, and with their families. Although there are programs through other centers that provide such help for this certain population, but the Salvation Army is different from other addiction programs in so many positive ways. Most of their treatment options are available to those on demand without a waiting period. This facility has clients who graduate from a 6 month program to a 12 month program.

The program managers and directors of the individual programs present the programs that the Salvation Army offers. Once the programs have met the requirements of the board, they are present to the Substance abuse counselors one and two who've been trained and are able to help those who are suffering from chemical and substance abuse. These Substance abuse counselors are responsible for their...
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