Site and Situation of Perth

Topics: Perth, Western Australia, Darling Scarp, Local Government Areas of Western Australia Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Site Factor of EXTERNAL MORPHOLOGY of Perth;
The external morphology of Perth is constricted to an area of development because of the natural features such as, the Swan Coastal Plain, The Darling Scarp (East), The Indian Ocean (West), The Swan Canning River System. The swan coastal plain influences the external morphology of Perth, because the well-drained sandy soils provide an ideal foundation for the construction of urban buildings. The flat undulating nature of the plain has facilitated extensive urban sprawl of low density urban development. The configuration of the coastline is a barrier to urban development as it consists of northern to southern corridors projecting from the city. The Swan Canning River System is a major influence on the morphology of Perth as the rivers orientation is strong and impacts on the urban shape, because it is the axis of the two inland corridors. The Darling Scarp also influences the external morphology of Perth as it is a barrier to extensive urban development with discrete pockets rather than continues sprawl.

Situation Factors of the MORPHOLOGY of Perth;
The morphology of Perth is also constricted to certain areas because of the location of cultural and natural features such as, Transport Links, Airports, Major Ports, and Major Water Supplies. The effect of these features on the morphology of Perth is that the Transport Links connected to Perth such as Grahame Farmer, Kwinana, and Mitchell Freeways, Albany Roe and Tonkin Highways have all caused the construction of urban development, to have quick and easy access to transport roots back to the CBD. The extensions of the transport networks have resulted in the expansion of urban areas, as more people are attached to these areas such as, Midland, Rockingham, Mandurah, Joondalup, Armadale and Fremantle. The airports are located out of the city to not cause traffic congestion with in the CBD, but further out with easy access by major road systems on the way to and from the...
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