Coastal Management and the Perceptions of Different Groups of People About This Issue.

Topics: Beach, Coast, Coastal geography Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Coastal management is managing development along the coast in a sustainable way so that it will not be spoiled for future generations and it is a very important to Australians because over 85% of our current population live within 50km of the coast. Furthermore, more than 25% of Australia’s current population lives within three kilometres of the coast. All the human traffic our coastline receives damages the delicate ecosystems that are trying to co-inhabit the area. Foreshore developments such as – high rise buildings, shops, walkways, roads and carparks damage the aforementioned ecosystems which interfere with the natural processes that occur on the coastline. The general public consensus is that the foreshore developments spoil the natural beauty of the coastline and makes it aesthetically displeasing where as others believe that the developments will help people enjoy the various activities the coastline waters and sands offer. People have different and often conflicting perspectives about how the coast should be used and managed. Opinions may be expressed by various stakeholders, such as local residents, environmental activists, conservationists, business owners, pensioners, fishermen and young people. A stakeholder is a group or individual who has a vested interest in an issue. To ensure everyone’s opinions are heard and taken into consideration, community consultations are held so the stakeholders of a community may voice their opinions on how the coast should be used and managed. Before any foreshore development is undertaken, it must be approved by the local government. An environmental impact study must be carried out to determine the severity and impacts of the planned development. The outcome of the study is then distributed to all stakeholders who are then invited to reply with their opinions on the results. Stakeholders may base their opinions on the belief that coastal management requires an understanding of the geographical processes that affect...
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