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Student Name: Emir Beytur
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Assessment: ISL181 Islamic History II: Biography (Sirah) of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
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A compilation of Fethullah Gulen's sermons on the life of the prophet, the book offers us a deeper understanding of God's Messenger through looking into his exemplary life from different aspects.

The book provides different aspects and characteristics of the Prophet and portraying him as a compassionate father, a profound spiritual leader, a wise statesman, a courageous commander, a loving husband, and a most reliable and trustworthy person. All these aspects are introduced under chapters with the details and this gives a good understanding of the Prophet’s life. The topics are supported with the relevant events and incidents and that makes the book more relaxing and fluent. It gives you ability to imagine Prophet’s lifetime and takes you to the early years of the history of Islam. These features of the book differentiate it from classical Sirah books.

Known by his simple and austere lifestyle, Fethullah Gulen, affectionately called Hodjaefendi, is a scholar of extraordinary proportions. This man for all seasons was born in Erzurum, eastern Turkey, in 1941. Upon graduation from a private divinity school in Erzurum, he obtained his license and began to preach and teach about the importance of understanding and tolerance. His social reform efforts have made him one of Turkey's most well-known and respected public figures during the 1960s.

In the rest of the world he is a welcomed as a well-respected contemporary thinker, better known as a democratic figure and social renovator who appeals to the common sense of large masses. The Messenger of God: Muhammad by this respected author has been translated in due time addressing the needs of global readers. (Sheremet, 2006)

The Messenger of God is overflowing with faith in God Almighty, the One and only Creator of everything, and it is woven with a deep love of humanity, along with a complete trust in the triumph of ‘goodness’ and ‘faith.’ These two concepts have always been indispensable constituents that make up the basis for the continuity of life. Other works of the prominent scholar Fethullah Gulen need to be considered within the scope of the significance attributed to this work. (Sheremet,2006)

Chapter 1
The book starts with the chapter one which gives information about the dark period of ignorance and what kind of conditions human society was living in that era. Briefly, it provides information about how people deviate from monotheism and worship the various idols in Arabian Peninsula. Not only in Arabian Peninsula but also rest of the world humankind was waiting for the upcoming salvation due to the lack of human rights and moral values. This chapter also points out the last Prophet was been expecting by both Jews and Christians.

Chapter 2
In this chapter, Gulen underlines that God sent all previous prophets and the Prophet Muhammad to illuminate humankind for the right path. We learn the features of the prophets in this section. This chapter also mentions the different dimensions other than the world we live in and their purposes including human and jinn.. Another purpose of the Prophet is given as reveal of...
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