Sir Ken Robinson

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, History of education Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Sir Ken Robinson on Education at Ted 2006
Sir Ken Robinson is a widely known international speaker, author, and advisor on education of the arts. In this conference he goes into basis that education is an important and essential part of everyone’s life for the progression and prosperity of a better future and career. Education is a part of the future that is up for grasp. Sir Ken Robinson goes in to say that all children have talent and their talent can take them up to many places along with the education they receive. He goes into stating that creativity is as important in education as literacy is for any student receiving an education. Creativity is very important for the well-being and the success of any student and also the best way in order to receive a positive, essential education.

Sir Ken Robinson goes in to detail how students take chances, “if they don’t know, they will have a go”. He says students are not frightened in being wrong. It’s not wrong to make mistakes, and you need to learn from your mistakes in order to actually learn and be educated. In the national education systems, students making mistakes is the worst thing they can do. Their grades are affected and they are unable to go well. Sir Ken Robinson implies that the educators are not creative in teaching. Creativity creates education, and we learn from out of it. We make mistakes in order to prosper. Without students not being able to be creative and being able to make mistakes they aren’t able to live up to their full potential. All education systems around the world have the same objective curriculum guidelines; with math and language at the top, social sciences and humanities under it, and always arts at the bottom of the list. Art and Music are higher than Drama and Dance in Arts. Sir Ken Robinson concludes that the whole purpose of public education systems is to create university professors. “Professors like to live in their heads; they look at their body as a form of transport for...
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