Single-Sex Education

Topics: Education, Gender, Single-sex education Pages: 4 (1653 words) Published: December 11, 2012
It’s Only Stereotypical
Common sense states that what is discussed between females stays between females, and what is discussed between males stays between males. This discretion establishes trust among each group whether it happens between acquaintances or lifelong friends. This same trust needs to be established in the specific classroom setting where one gender feels inferior to other. High school math classes should be organized as single-sex classrooms because females perform better in this subject when in single sex classrooms leading to a stronger education system and less bias in the workplace.

The idea of single sex schools overwhelms many people in today’s society, but the evidence of the need to enhance the education system can be found in a segment of this heavy idea. Margaret Spellings, Education Secretary, gave way for the voluntary decision of single-sex classrooms in 2006 providing the education with the light solution for its struggles (Stanberry 2). The presence of single-sex classrooms gives parents the choice to enhance their child’s education upon their own reasoning. Girls benefit greatly from single-sex math classes in the short term effects with their grades and self-esteem and long term effects with their career choice. The benefit for boys remains smaller than an ant in single-sex math classrooms; however, boys do not suffer consequences from this separation in any way. Critics of single-sex learning lean towards the problems within a single-sex school because of the belief in unequal education learning, complete separation from the opposite sex, and the lack of evidence of improvement in certain academic studies, but the hope is single-sex classrooms can counteract these obvious problems. Margaret Talbot, a writer for New York Times points out that the case made for single-sex classrooms is “plain silly” or unequal of the stereotype, but she is only looking at the case for learning style. Males and females preform equally on so...
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