Single Parenting

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Living in Single Parent Households- The Positive Views

Marlene Matos

Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Is a two parent household upbringing better for children than a single parent household? Many of today’s society will answer yes to this question. “Children who grow up in house-holds with different family structures experience different outcomes since family structure is changing rapidly”. (McLanahan, 2007). What if the two parent household had domestic abuse problems? Is it safe to now say a single parent home would be more beneficial for the child-children? What is one’s initial thought when they hear the term single parent? Children’s behavior outcomes are more positive in a two parent household providing that it is a stable two parent home. Not all children have outcomes of negative behavior due to a single headed home. (Kristin Ketteringham, 2007).

There are many different views today on a single parent upbringing but it is a rising household throughout the nation. In 2007, 22 million children were living in single parent households, and 49 million children are living in a two parent household according to the United States Census Bureau. A quarter of our nation of children is being raised in single parent homes. The percentage of children being raised by a two parent home has been declining each year. A single father home is less common than a single mother home; however the amount of single fathers has grown by 60% in the last ten years. (Kristin Ketteringham, 2007).

|Subject |Total |In Married Couple Family |In Male Householder, no wife|In Female Householder, no | | | |Households |present, family household |husband present, family | | | | | |household | |Children under 18 years in |73,460,567 |49,930,906 |5,034,085 |17,945,753 | |house-holds | | | | | |AGE | | | | | | | | | | | |Under 6 years |33.1% |33.8% |34.4% |30.9% | |6 to 11 years |32.5% |32.7% |30.2% |32.6% | |12 to 17 years |34.4% |33.5% |35.4% |36.5% |

A single parent home is better for the child or children to live in compared to a two family home with domestic violence. Domestic violence affects children’s behaviors significantly more than a child being raised in a one parent home. If one parent engages in physical or verbal abuse with the other parent, a child in the home is witnessing these types of behaviors. Research shows that children in a two parent home that are witnessing domestic abuse compared to a single parent home witnessing no physical or verbal abuse possess lower verbal skills, and higher behavioral problems than those children who are not witnessing acts of violence. This type of exposure to young children can ruin a child’s development, if it be walking, talking, potty-training procedures, or regular child play. (Gabriel Ybarra, 2007).

“Early childhood stimulation is important in developing cognitive ability and understanding long- term academic and social...
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