The Obstacles of Single Parents

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Jane Doe
June 30, 2012
Baby Mama Essay

No Time For Games
“Fathers are so important… kids need somebody other than their moms to talk to, to give them guidance about what men should do, how men think. You need a man around to know how a man feels” (Britt). The pride and determination of women to pull through, despite all odds when raising a child can sometimes blind them from the needs of the child. As much as they say that they may not need a man to raise the child, the studies and statistics speak otherwise. Trying to raise a child in a home where only one parent is present will not only bring financial and various other challenges for the mother and child.

The unstable foundation of not having the father around can have a strong effect on the way the kid socializes, whether it is with his peers or making decisions. For instance, the kid is more likely to address a problem violently because of the underling anger that he naturally feels for not having his father in his life. In addition the child sometimes blames the mother for the absentee father and therefore becomes less responsive to the discipline that the mother is trying to instill in the child. A 14-year old study of 6000 males, ages 14 to 22…found that boys with absentee fathers are twice as likely to be incarcerated as those from traditional two-parent families regardless of their race, income and parents education” (Britt). Although the mother can have the drive and potential to be an excellent parent, the financial responsibility is still present. Someone has to feed this child and since “the average welfare check was only about $370 a month” (Deparle). It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the mother will have to either work to have some type of steady income or fail to provide for her child. Consequently, leaving a gap where the child is not always being taken care of and thus creating an opportunity for the child to participate in risky behaviors while the mother is out working....
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