Sinderela Play

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CRUZ, Ross Christien L.1ChE-D
Ma’am Luisa GomezDecember 15, 2012

Last December 9, we went to Aliw Theater to watch the play “Sinderela”. The show started at 3:00pm. Before the real play started, there was some introductory play that was held. There were some ballet dancers and some foreign musicians that kept the audience entertained. I found it very interesting because they have been moving in sync, all at the same time. It lasted for 1 hour, and after the Introductory Part, they were given a big round of applause for their outstanding performance. A 10-minute break was given to the audience before the Sinderela Play starts. After that 10-minute break, the play started. The introduction to the play was so creative. They used Tableau Vivant, a motionless performance in theater. After that, the play started. It was very entertaining, I did not feel boredom. I really appreciated the ballet performance, even if I don’t do ballet. The performance is very creative, easily understood even of you don’t do ballet, yet it is full of humor. After the play, we went to Star City to enjoy the rides. From the play, I learned that speaking or reading is not the only ways to give message to the audiences, even dancing can give these important messages. Even if you don’t do dancing or singing, as long as you put your focus on one thing, you will definitely understand the meaning of it. You don’t have to be anything to understand everything. It’s just a matter of focus and attention. While watching the Sinderela Play, I can really see and understand what the dancers are trying to tell the audiences. For me, it was pretty clear. The moral of this play is you can be everything you want; all you need is faith, never falter, and hold strongly to your beliefs. We should not let anybody stop us from doing what we want. Also, we should not do the things we have to do, but we should do the right thing.
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