Jersey Boys Play

Topics: 2008 albums, Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Emilia Tytro
Ms. Steubi
English IV
Jersey Boy’s
This Broadway play has been around for a long time. It captured people’s attention from the clothes they wore, to the beautiful melody from Frankie Valli. This play is set in the 1960’s; it is based on Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Through a musical it talks about their lives, where they grew up, and the struggles they went through to get to fame. They came from nothing, living in a poor area, in a little shack house, to fame and wealth. Their sweet voices took them far in life, accomplishing many of their goals, to scoring not one but a couple hit songs like, “Sherry,” “Big Girl’s don’t cry,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” “Oh What a Night,” and so on. When I first walked in I didn’t know what to expect, except hearing how good this play was. My thoughts were a boring play to sit through and get it over with but it captured my eyes from the moment they started singing. Their unique voices were so calm, sweet and inviting that you wanted to just listen or sing along but never was there a dull moment. Not only was the music capturing but the clothes and the colorful set opened up your eyes. They chose the right setting, the perfect performers to make this show a phenomenon. Looking at everyone’s faces how they were enjoying themselves and people just not taking their eyes off the set really showed you that this performance was a hit. Seeing a group accomplish so much from where they came from sets the right message to those who are in the same situation. Not only is this an amazing show but also an inspirational story to many who do not have the money to go far with their gifts but can work hard and still accomplish what they did. Showing that life is not all about money but that you can still do what you love if you follow your dream and work your way up.
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