Simple Methods to Reduce Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Atmosphere Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: January 31, 2011
What are some of the measures we can take to reduce global warming?

Since there is already a great number of green house gases already trapped in the earth’s atmosphere the major effect of global warming can never really be completely eliminated. CFC’s stay in the atmosphere for literally hundreds of years, and therefore even if we were to stop all activities releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere there would still be a major heat load trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Since we cannot possibly stop all of these activities we can take certain precautionary measures however, to help reduce the amount of CFC’s released in the atmosphere as adding can only make it worse. Over the past few years, scientists have offered up some extreme measures — from carbon-capturing rocks to space nets — that could solve the crisis. Some focus on reducing or capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which trap the heat on Earth, while other solutions are aimed at cooling the planet by preventing some of the sun's rays from hitting its surface. However, individual choices can have an impact on global climate change. Reducing your family's heat-trapping emissions does not mean forgoing modern conveniences; it simply means making smart choices and using energy-efficient products, which may require an additional investment up front, but often pay you back in energy savings within a couple of years. Below are some of the simple lifestyle choices we can make along with some measures that can be implemented by the government to positively impact on global warming: * Your next car-When you buy your next car, look for the one with the best fuel economy in its class. Each gallon of gas you use is contributes 25 pounds of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. Better gas mileage reduces global warming, but will also save you thousands of dollars in gasoline over the life of your vehicle. Compare the fuel economy of the cars you're considering to buy and look for newer...
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