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Exploring New Communities
Most people would live in better place than they are currently living. However, it is really difficult to find the place which suit perfectly to their hopes. There is the place called Silicon Valley in California. Silicon Valley could be described as the Technology City. It means there are many people who works for thousands of companies such as Apple and Intel. The city, Silicon Valley would be the best place to people who are looking for a job, establishing new business, having great avocation.

Shortly, Silicon Valley is located in San Francisco, California. Silicon Valley was not that city which has high technology companies. The first reason to being high technology city is climate. The humidity in the area is not high, it is suitable for electronic devices which is easily malfunctioning by dust and moisture. Silicon Valley is considered to be the technology hub of the United States. The region is made up a number of computer companies and computer chip manufactures. The region gets its nickname from the silicon that is used in computer chips. Due to the demand for space in Silicon Valley, real estate and other property is very expensive and hard to find.

Thousands of companies in Silicon Valley offers many kinds of jobs such as related to computer software& hardware and electronic technology. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), in the year 2000, a cohort consisting of about 2,600 high-tech business born in Silicon Valley added over 27,000 jobs to the local economy of the area centered in and around San Jose, California(BLS). Between 2000 and 2009, 61 percent of employed people lost their jobs. More than 46 percent of all high-tech business born in 2000 were mostly related to computer system design industry. Even though this industry had the largest total employment in both 2000 and 2009 , almost 7,000 jobs were shed by the industry's 2000 cohort during that period(BLS). According to Fox, there is a new report out comparing employment in the Silicon Valley tech sector in 2001 and 2008 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics."The gist: Employment is down by a lot(17%), but wages are up by even more(36%)Fox." Silicon Valley become a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurial activity, but the direct benefits of this are flowing to fewer people. Also, the wages in non-high-tech industries in Silicon alley did not rise at nearly the tech industry's pace(Fox).

If I live in the Silicon Valley after graduate the university, I would be able to work for what I am good at. For example, I love to invent something new or develop something. If I live in Silicon Valley, I would face more opportunities to work in the companies which is related to electronic devices. The business man in the Silicon Valley would be my future profession. Also, the Information Technology(IT) industry is currently in the limelight. It would be staying in the limelight for the next few years. Silicon Valley is perceived as the center of IT industry. Even though the spot of employment is decreasing, it is good to be a engineer in Silicon Valley.

Many people would try to startup their own new businesses. However, it is really difficult. The first reason is collecting investment or money is difficult. Also, even though they start new business with whole money, there is huge risk on finance. If the owner failed to grow up his company and face bankruptcy, the family of owner would be heavily in debt. However, if someone want to startup new business in Silicon Valley, there is some benefits on new businessmen. The conventional wisdom these days is that the place to start and run a technology company is Silicon Valley. The four reasons are approximately money, talent, and expertise(Merman). If the businessman considers these things, Silicon Valley seems to be the right place. According to commercial law in California, even if...
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