Topics: Emotion, Truth, Mind Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Sabrina Lugo
February 12th 2013 4:30pm

I never lived for rainbows or eclipses just because of the conflict of interest for attention between what is brought out most within the spectrums of our personalities. To visually stimulate the brain, to object to reality, to imperfect the shade that is invisible to the eyes- FEAR OF KNOWING THE TRUTH Intertwining through and through creating emotions and depth to those objects we could not touch, we could not bear, we could not feel. Who savor the mind, envision the negative and neglect the truth. Who bore witness to the brutality of those who purified the grounds of the shattered remnants of what we used to love. Who pursuit of realizing positivity is plagued with fear and emotional plight understanding that no plight is without hardship, is to live a life of deception towards oneself. Is this a perfect life? Who colonized and recycled Silicon Valley we subjugate ourselves to the fantasy of living a highlife we will never grasp for, because we are all safely nestled in our own belief that life cannot get better than what we have now. Who lives in a consistent manner fantasy is now WHAT WE PRETEND within our lives. Who we are sleeping with, where are we enjoying our pleasures or the pictures we post on social networking databases in order to be that popular when the truth is nobody never gave a shit to begin with Who escape reality through books and other media entertainment. Who truth is feared and ostracized like Frankenstein humans propel their self-worth by being incompetent and naive. Whose history has consistency proven time and time again is all in the texture of the rock of alpha and omega. Who was destroyed by deception, drifting through the countless thoughts that keep us beyond the edge of twilight. Whose history has consistency proven time and time again is all in the texture of the rock of alpha and omega. Whose perfect dreams and perfect life seems to be non-existent Whose truth falls upon deaf...
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