Significane of the Munich Putsche

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The Significance of the Munich Putsche!
The Munich Putsche occurred on the 8th night and 9th morning of November 1923, it was an attempted rebellion led by Adolf Hitler and had massive significances for the NSDAP, 1923 to 1929. This was inspired by the march on Rome led by Mussolini only a year earlier. The plan was that the NSDAP would march from Munich to Berlin and over throw the parliament replacing it with an extreme right wing authoritarian government instead, it is not clear who would lead the new state but it is suggest it would be Ludendorff and not Hitler. As many historians believe Hitler at this time was not experienced enough and would not have been able to take on such a role. The Munich Putsche was carried out in November 1923 as the political and economical atmosphere was felt to be right by the Nazis and the perfect opportunity to carry out their plan of exploiting the governments’ failure at controlling hyper inflation and gain widespread population amongst the people. It is my intention within this essay to discuss the significance of the Munich Putsche and in doing so emphasis how this Putsche represents a turning point in Nazi history. Hitler knew if he had any chance of kick starting a national revolution and exploiting the hyper inflation crisis, he would need to get support from Gustav Van Kahr (the leader of the Bararian government). On the 8th of November, Hitler, Ludendorff and the SA interrupted a meeting in the beer hall. They took Von Kahr into the back room and forced him at gun point to support the Nazis. When Hitler went out to declare the NSDAP was starting a national revolution, Ludendorff allowed Von Kahr to leave. Von Kahr went straight to the police and told them not to let the Nazis leave Munich. On the 9th of November the Nazis and around 2 to 3 thousand supporters assembled outside the city hall in Munich. Von Kahr had ordered the police and the army to break up the march. Shots were fired and 16 Nazis were killed,...
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