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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Sine wave:
Sine wave is the most fundamental form in analog signal. When any communication process will be analog process then the data must be converting into analog signal & a sine wave is the common form of analog signal. A sine wave changes over a course of cycle which is constant and continuous. A sine wave represent in graphically where time in X axis & value in Y axis. [pic]

Parameters; A sign wave have three parameter
• Amplitude
• Frequency
• Phase
Amplitude: The peak amplitude means the energy of a signal. Peak amplitude measured into voltage scale where amplitude may be high or low. Any signal have to covert into voltage for communication where they converted as their energy of amplitude, so any signal have high amplitude produce a high voltage and low voltage for low amplitude. [pic][pic]

(A) Signal with high amplitude (B) Signal with low amplitude

Frequency: frequency response to the number of period in one second. So if 12 period complete within 1 second then frequency will be 12 Hz where to complete a full cycle the total amount of time (must period and for 90◦ then it shifted to one quarter of period. [pic]

Here, Phases of 0◦ starts at the time 0 have zero amplitude. Phase of 90◦starts at the time 0 have peak amplitude. Phase of 180◦ starts at the time 0 have peak amplitude.

Finally a sine wave is...
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