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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Swot анализ
Сильные стороны-
1. Продуктовый портфель- огромное количество и разнообразие продуктов, предлагаемых Siemens позволяет компании значительно сократить любые риски, связанные со снижением доходности по любому из направлений производства или оказания услуг. 2. Географическое разнообразие - Geographic Diversity – Siemens, as it always has been, is extremely geographically diverse allowing again for risk to be reduced. In this case, the risk associated with an economic downturn greatly affecting profits is reduced to some extent as the company’s global reach is vast and relatively well proportioned when you look beyond their strong European influence 3. Диверсифицированная потребительская база - As the company offers a vast portfolio of products, it doesn’t have to rely on a small number of customers or even similar ones. Siemens customers range from national governments to individual healthcare providers 4. Высокое качество продукции и оказываемых услуг, которое обусловлено ISO certification. Олицетворение немецкого качества и безупречного стиля. Устоявшийся образ сименс= качество. Слабые стороны.

1. Сложная организационная структура 2. Большое количество работников. 3. Высокие производственные издержки Возможности
1. Выход на развивающиеся рынки. Siemens is already well placed in emerging markets with a strong base to increase its presence. A focus on this has been concentrated with the creation of the Infrastructure and Cities sector, which primarily targets the governments of fast growing countries and cities. 2. Усиление экологического регулирования. As more people become environmentally aware, government environmental regulations will surely get tighter meaning that more companies and governments could be required to purchase many of Siemens energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Siemens generates almost 40% of its revenue from green products and solutions. 3. Рост населения. As the global population expands and the...
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