Sibling and Shi Er Shi

Topics: Sibling, Birth order, Tang Dynasty Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 13, 2013
(walking on the street…Hailey meets E)
H: Ni hao, how are you?
Marissa: Ni hao.
H: What’s your plan for tomorrow? Ni mingian mang bu mang? M: mintian shi xingqi ji? (what day is tomorrow?)
H: Mintian shi san yue shi san hao xingchi wu. (tomorrow is march 13th, Friday) na tien shi wo meimei de shengri.(that day is my younger sister’s birthday.) M: Shi ma? (really?)
H: Shi, Mintian wo meimei qi ni chi wanfan, zenmeyang? (yes, my sister invites you to dinner tomorrow, is it okay?) M: hao(good)
H: Ni xihuan chi Hanguo fan haishi Meiguo fan? (Do you like Korean food or American food?) M: Wo shi hanguoren keshi wo xihuan chi Meigo fan. (I am a Korean but I like American food.) H: mintian chi dianzhong, zenmeyang? (how about 7 o’clock tomorrow?) M: Hao. Mintian wanshang jian. (Good, see you tomorrow.)

H: Zaijian. (See you )

<Tomorrow, Friday> at Hailey’s house
Esther: Ni hao
M: Ni hao, Happy birthday!
Esther: xie xie. (Thank you)
M: ta shi shei? (Who is he?)
E: Na ghe ren shi wo ge ge. (that person is my older brother) ta shi er shi wo sui. (he is 25 years old) M: ta jiao shenme minz? (what is his name?)
E: ta jiao wang peng.
M: Ni ge ge shi zuo shenme de? (What is your older brother’s job?) E: Ta shi daxuesheng. (He is a college student.)
(Wind blowing, the picture is dropped on the floor)
M: zhe zhang zhaopian shi ni de ma? (is this picture your’s?) H: Shi, zhe shi wo jia de zhaopian. (yes, this is my family’s picture) zhe ghe shi wo baba, mama, yi ghe mei mei, yi ghe gege he wo. M: ta men shi zuo shenma de? (what do they do?)

E: Wo baba shi yisheng, wo mama shi lushi, wo gege, wo jie jie he wo dou shi daxuesheng. M: Ni jia dou shi zhongguoren ma? (is all of your family Chinese?) E: Wo jia bu dou shi zhongguoren. Wo baba shi meiguoren. (my family is not all Chinese. My father is American.) M: Shenma? Wo baba ye shi meiguoren. (Really? My father is also American.) H,E: Shi ma? Hahahahaha (Really? Hahahaha)

H: Ni de jia shi zuo shenme de?...
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