The Impact Another Person Can Have on Your Life.

Topics: Family, 2006 singles, Mother Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: February 20, 2012
“Let play soccer”, Khang said after the bell rang, signaling the end of school. “It’s weekend. I’m in”, Bao continued.
“How about you? Tai”, Hai asked me.
Under my breath, “I feel tired today”, I replied, “Hope you guys have fun.” They looked at me suspiciously because they knew I like soccer, and I was in every match we had played. “Are you sure?” They asked.

“Yes,” I said while walking out of the class, “I have to go home now. See you later.” “Go home”. I said that but I really didn’t want to. Riding home in a divided mind, I was scared to go home.
That would be a great day if I didn’t have my chemistry’s test so bad. For many parents, their children’s bad grades are not acceptable, and mine is one of them. Back home, I walked up the stairs slightly on my heavy legs. I was very sad and worried, especially when meeting my mother, whom I said reliably last night: "I learned it all very carefully." She didn’t know when she went to my grandparents’ house, dad was still at work, I just sat at the table and played computer instead of sitting at the desk and study. There is no reason why I would tell her: "I did not learn at all yesterday". No, definitely not. Facing the door, I suddenly got an idea, “What if I tell her lie?” And that was my decision. My mother went out from the kitchen. Look at her, I mumbled, "Good afternoon mom." As guessing out something, my mother asked, "Is there anything?” I gave her the test and said, “My hand pains, so I didn’t focus and had not enough time to write"... My mother looked at me. I tried to avoid by looking to other direction. Suddenly, my mother sighs. "Go and take a bath." I nodded quietly and quickly went to the bathroom. I said to myself, "All right, so everything is finished." I thought such thing was over, but I was wrong. The next day, there was something different at my mom. She did not wash the dishes clean. She forgot what she was doing; even forgetting to turn off the lights, which she had always reminded. My...
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