Should We Return to Complex Chinese Characters?

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Should We Return to Complex Chinese Characters?

As we all know, when we travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao, or watch TV plays made there, we will find that the local people still use the ancient traditional character system. But the Chinese mainland adopts the simplified Chinese characters have become a part of people’s life in mainland. However, recently, a number of the national committee of CPPCC has proposed that we should resume the ancient traditional character system. Personally, it is impractical to return to complex Chinese characters. There are my reasons. First of all, the simplified characters have played an indispensable role in people’s lives, so it is impractical to return to complex Chinese characters. Since I was born, I have been living with the simplified characters. All we use is the simplified characters. If we approve to return to complex characters, education administration will have to hear the burden of changing textbooks; the corporate will have to change their advertisements contracts and other documents; the government has to change their seals, arguments and treaties with foreign nation. Once we change the people’s habit of using simplified characters, there must go against our development of society and life. Meanwhile, a habit once forming is difficult to change. So are the simplified characters. Besides, the simplified characters will help the development of our culture so I disapprove to return the complex characters. The complex characters stroke too much. It is very difficult for people to learn the complex characters. Mao Zedong and the Communist Party originally simplifying the ancient traditional character system is to t improve illiteracy rate and allow the Chinese people to spend more time learning and developing other fields to advance China. Simplified characters also help lighten the burden for foreigners so that they can learn Chinese faster, better and promote international culture exchange. Simplified...
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