Should We Encourage Online Education over Onsite Education

Topics: Learning, Critical thinking, Education Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Should we encourage online education over onsite education?

Education has played a significant role in our daily lives and has been a valuable asset for every human in understanding the events taking place everyday. Through education, we learn new ideas, came up with new inventions, able to bridge the gap between cultures, raised our standard of living and modernized the world. The rapid growth of technology and the internet revolutionalized education with the development of online education or e-learning. This mode of education has attracted several learning institutions, instructors, and students alike that the number of schools/universities simultaneously adopting e-learning with onsite education has been increasing annually. Several people support online education due to its flexibility and convenience, however, there are still some people who opt for classroom attendance rather than e-learning. As education has improved the way we live and has lead us to a more technological-dependent world, learning institutions should encourage and support online education especially among the working adults who lead a hectic lifestyle and wants to further their careers and those juggling their time between family and work. Online education does not only save time and costs for students, but also can provide a way for online students to manage their schedule without having to disrupt family and work responsibilities. Critics have argued that there is a lack of personalization in online education which will have negative effects on the educational and social aspects in the student’s lives. Due to the absence of face-to-face interaction with instructors and students, online learners feel isolated because there is no physical interaction between students and instructors as well as a lack of oral communication skills that is usually occurring in a classroom education. I totally do not agree with this argument because communication technologies such as chat rooms,...
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