Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Changed to 21?

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Binge drinking Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Everyone knows that it is illegal to drink alcohol until the age of 18. Many people are in agreement with this legal age. Some would even say that it should be raised. However, the legal drinking age sometimes causes more trouble than it prevents. Why is 18 the magical age that makes one intelligent and mature enough to consume alcohol? There's a idea that immature people are less likely to handle the effects of alcohol, so why is the random age limit (at age 18). We all know that some people under 21 who can drink responsibly, and some over 21 with no hope of ever drinking responsibly, Why isn’t the limit 21 or 35 or 40? This apparently random number is associated with adulthood, as if the day a person turns 21 they know everything and are mature.

The first reason why the legal drinking age should not be changed to 21 is the fact that in Australia, the legal drinking age has been 18 for many years, why change it now? Many parents of today's teenagers were legally allowed to drink at 18. Today's teenagers face more responsibility and are treated more like adults than their parents were. This makes the 21 restriction seem ridicules. At 18, people are considered adults. It is the view of many people that if it is legal for 18 year olds to drive cars, fly planes, vote, marry, pay taxes and take out loans. then it should defiantly be legal for them to drink alcohol.

The second reason Today's legal drinking age should not be changed to 21 is that Prohibiting the sale of liquor to young adults creates an impression where binge drinking and alcohol abuse have become a problem. Banning drinking for young people makes alcohol a teasing banned rule. Teenagers look at drinking as something exciting and something that may bring there mates closer together. It is viewed as an adult activity and teenagers want to be adults as soon as possible. In order to get a drink, teenagers will carry fake I.D.s ask people to buy for them or even sneak drinks from their parents...
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