Should Surrogate Mothers Be Legalized in Taiwan?

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Should Surrogate mothers be legalized in Taiwan?
Evelyn Liu
National Central University

Surrogate mothers has been a critical issue in many countries for a long time. Recently, Taiwan has an issue on its legalization. There is already a draft passed in the Legislative Yuan. However, many people still debate about should surrogate mothers be legalized in Taiwan? From different aspects, including moral, law, homosexuals, and so on, I will discuss about whether it should legalize in Taiwan. Surrogacy does cause several problems, whether its legalization is beneficial to our society? If there seems to have many difficulties in executing the surrogacy, should we give up and prohibit it? The paper will tell you.

Should Surrogate Mothers Be Legalized in Taiwan?
       Should we legalize the surrogate mothers in Taiwan? Difficulties of bearing a child, the scientists invent one kind of technology that can make a couple bear their children in other women's womb. Those mothers who bear the children are called surrogate mothers. Taiwan's government is planning to enact a law to prevent the utilization of surrogate mother from abuses. Although it is still a draft, it means a big progress to this issue. However, the draft also enhances the controversy around technology. There are two different positions in Taiwan, thus it is harder for this draft being passed in Legislative Yuan. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this issue, I will discuss it below.        There are many advantages of using the surrogate mothers according to different mothers and situations. Surrogate mothers can easily solve the problems of infecundity for mothers which have no wombs because of serious illness or have the womb hypoplasia. Mothers can have their genetic kids through the use of surrogate mothers, and that truly inspires those mothers a lot. Otherwise, it can offer a good way for homosexuals to have their own genetic descendants by exchanging their sperms and ova between gays and lesbians. It is also a kind of revelation of women's decision-making power which they can decide the way of having a child. We can also see that many areas legalize the surrogate mothers, such as England, Korea, Hong Kong, etc. It is a critical progress in this event. Otherwise, it also reveals that it's not impossible to make it legalize peacefully and well-orderly.         However, there are also many disadvantages that affect our society and we can't nearly ignore them. First, the surrogate mothers may violate the contracts which mention that they have to return the children to their parents who provide sperms and ova, thus it may arose the disputes on legislation, even to legal proceedings. Otherwise, we can't avoid the surrogate mothers' unrelated demand during the time of pregnancy, and if the real parents don't consent their requests, will they hurt their children? That's a big question, and how can we solve it? Moreover, if children know that they aren't born from their own mothers' wombs but other women's, they may have a question that who is their real mother? Besides, the child will be regarded as a product that can be sold and the procreation can be seen as a trade. Also, the cost of surrogate mother is too expensive: only people who are in high or middle-high social status can afford it. Thus, it may reinforce the gap between capitalists and laborers. Furthermore, it will also arose the problems of prenatal education: who should take this obligation and how does the prenatal work? Moreover, if their concepts of prenatal education are different, how do the real mothers deal with and know if the surrogate mothers do the same things as the results they discuss? That is worth pondering.         There will be many problems if surrogate mothers are legalized in Taiwan in the future. Although there are many hidden or obvious difficulties wait for us to solve, we still cannot...
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