Should Student Attend College After High School

Topics: High school, College, Writing Pages: 1 (454 words) Published: September 28, 2011
I believe students should enter college right after high school. I have are very strong opinion about this topic. We all have goals and its better now than later. As well it’s a great learning experience outside of getting a degree, you learn independent. Having to make decision in life basically depends on the individual and their situation. We can say that we want to go to college whether it is now or in the future. I can say that, for myself had I known what I know this day in time my choices would have been different. My point of view about this topic is that I know that before we graduate from high school that we are already getting yourself prepared for life goals. I think it is very important to plan for the future even if you may need to give yourself a year to continue education. Just look at it this way, if you were to go to college after high school where do you think that you will be in the next five years. Hopefully proud of yourself that you have applied yourself and became successful. On another note what if you waited a year, where do you think that you will be. Well I have to honestly say in my situation, starting college at the of thirty-seven its more challenging and I think that had I attended college after high school, maybe it would have been less stressful. The reason I say this, I know that my learning mode would have been fresher due to me coming straight from high school. I believe that it makes you lazy and can push you back things more complicated for the long run. . So with this being said there are advantages and disadvantages but as an individual I think that getting yourself prepared for what you want in life that it’s very important to make the best decision for you.

When it comes to what I plan to accomplish in my paper, for me I have not written a paper in years that this is a challenge. I just want to be able to be achieve through great effort, giving details to fill out my paper without having to struggle in the...
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