Should Smoking Be Banned Everywhere?

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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"Should smoking be banned everywhere?"
We decided to research this topic because the number of smokers is rising every year and everywhere around the world. Also smoking can effect to your health and people around you. We have four main points that we will talk about. They are, firstly, the deadly contents of cigarette, and the harmful effects that smoker experience, following these the damage done to non-smoker and finally is the burden of smoking on healthcare. I will speak about the first two points the deadly contents of cigarette, and the harmful effects that smokers experience and then Stephen will continue with the last two mian arguments, the damage done to non-smoker and the burden of smoking on healthcare Tobegin with, According to World Health Organization statistics shows that cigarette is the second main problem that cause of death in the world. It is about 5 million deaths in each year. Every year about 5 million people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking. (pic)Futhermore, just only 17 countries currently have smoke-free policies that provide universal and effective protection from second-hand smoke. You may all already know that smoking is bad for your health and people around you especially your family. (pic) Dr. Alwan who is an assistant director-general World Health Organisation, showed the graph that young teenager who living with smokers and Europe has the highest percent of young teenager living with smokers whereas the second highest is Western Pacific, that's also include New Zealand. It's very bad for them to live with smokers. For example, young teenager may become a smoker like someone in family doing. However, if they do not smoke but they still can get a bad health because they breathe the bad air in to their lung that may affect to their health. (pic) In 2009, World Health Organisation, reported the percent of Western Pacific Region women who smoke. Otherwise,there are many kind of smoking tools includes pipe,...
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