Should Schools Be Co-Educational?

Topics: Gender, Education, High school Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: July 16, 2011
We have spent several generations advancing the equality of the genders. Beginning with the women's suffrage movement and continuing through to the present day many legal and social barriers to women's equality with men have been removed. Coeducation refers to the education of boys and girls in the same schools. It was a modern concept first introduced in Switzerland, but now it has become popular in almost all of the countries, even Singapore. With that in mind, coeducation, which is based on that laudable theme of equality, seems like the right way to go. However, do co-educational institutes really benefit the students? While a co-educational school or college may cause more distractions for learning and prevent students from making educational choices without stereotypes, the advantages that it brings far outweigh the problem it poses, especially in terms of the student’s social development, how it promotes a healthy lifestyle for boys, and providing equal opportunities for all.

Undoubtedly, coeducation allows interaction between boys and girls, which are an integral part of their lives in the future. From family life, to professional life, to one’s daily routine, the world contains both men and women. Settling grades aside, education is about the preparation of life. If girls naturally perform better in an environment without boys, they need to perform just as well with boys and vice versa because in the future, they would not be surrounded by the same gender all the time. If they are given the chance from the very beginning, through Co-curricular activities, classroom interaction or any other means, they can understand each other better. Girls will not feel shy in the presence of boys and boys will also not tease the girls. A research in the United States has shown that students from single sex schools are more hesitant expressing their views in front of members of the opposite sex, and at the same time, they have trouble forming friendships with the...
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