Should Recycling Be Mandatory

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Landfill Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: June 3, 2011
Recycling in America: It’s not that hard

In America, the choice to recycle is in the hands of each individual, but many choose the easy choice over the right choice. Recycling is important to us in so many ways but the lack of education and recycling resources available can make it a difficult process. Recycling improves many areas in our lives, even if we haven’t caught on yet. It is a constant effort, but one that could have endless benefits and it is never too late to start. Most people know items that we use daily such as newspapers, aluminum cans, and glass and plastic bottles can all be recycled, but it doesn’t end there. The list is actually far more extensive, tennis shoes and old tires can be recycled to make playground equipment and safety ground cover. Electric items like cell phones, mp3 players, televisions, and old computers can be recycled and reused, some stores even offer an in store credit for recycling electronics. Trading in items like an old car battery, propane tank, or ink-jet cartridge will probably get you money back, or at least credit towards a new item of the same kind. The new phone book that no one uses, the junk mail and advertisement papers, cardboard boxes and packaging materials, and shredded paperwork can all be recycled as well. We don’t have unlimited space for landfills to continue throwing things away that could be recycled and reused. Landfills emit toxic waste, and can contaminate both the air and local ground water supplies. Landfills can also be a breeding ground for disease due to the population of pests and rodents that make their homes there. Where will we send our trash when we have no place left to put it, will it be dumped in the ocean, or sent to some unpopulated area? Waste management companies pay huge amounts of money for landfill space, but when that space runs out that money and trash have to go somewhere, it will most likely go overseas to some country that can’t afford to say no. Where does...
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