Should Population Be Government Controlled

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Overpopulation is a term that refers to a condition by which the population density enlarges to a limit that provokes the environmental deterioration, a remarkable decline in the quality of life, or a population collapse. The impact of human populations on the environment has been severe. Some animal species have been extinguished or forced to live in inhospitable regions by the advance of urban areas; pollution is a problem that is increasing gradually because we are using more cars. Emerging countries industrialization is not paying attention to environmental issues because of the feeding demands of their ever-growing populations. The human overpopulation has been credited to diverse factors, as the increment in life-span, the absence of natural enemies, the improvement in the quality of life, and the accessibility to get better goods. According to research, every year, more than 81 million people are added to the world-wide population and every 10 years, almost one billion inhabitants are added to the world’s population. There are many reasons one would say the population should be government-controlled. During the course of this essay I will be highlighting factors such as; the trends of population growth, environmental aspects of over-population and the financial attributes towards over-population.

Trends of Population Growth
According to research done, the rate of population growth has been receding since 1963. The rate of global growth before the 1960s was near to 2.4 percent, at present the rate has diminished to 1.27 percent.

If you observe the current tendency, you could assume that all works well, but actually, it does not. Actually this global picture has been obtained by taking into account some European countries, as Germany and Holland, which hold a negative rate. On the other hand, some countries maintain rates of growth over 4 percent each year. For example, Ethiopia's current population of 60 million inhabitants is projected to near 170 million by 2050. By 2050, India will displace to China from its first place in growth rate, with an increment of 550 million additional inhabitants to its present population of more than one billion. Pakistan almost will triple its population by 2050, from 142 to 350 million. If the world population continues growing at an average of three children by couples, the global population for 2050 will be of 10.5 billion inhabitants, from whom 7.7 billion will suffer for extreme poverty, lack of fresh water, hunger, illnesses, etc. In some cases, the five countries at the first level of population growth (China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil) will continue in their current rank because the rate of mortality in poor countries exceeds the rate of births. If this tendency upturns, then those countries will have population growths of around five percent per year. A lot of attention is given these days to programs and organizations that address environmental and quality-of-life issues yet the biggest issue that humanity faces is overpopulation.

Environmental Aspects of Over-Population
No matter how energy efficient we become, no matter how green our manufacturing becomes and no matter how much technology and human expertise we throw at increasing our food supply, the world’s population will outstrip all of our best intents and capabilities. At least, as much effort as goes into agricultural and energy technology should be going into coming up with solutions to our population problem. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census the world’s human population grew by 78 million people last year. In other words, every 20 minutes another 3,500 people are born. Our population has doubled in the last 40 years from 3 billion to over 6 billion people. The population issue is not a problem that is coming soon. It is here now. There are already too many people. 800 million people today do not have enough food to eat or enough clean water. It is estimated that about...
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