Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

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  • Published: November 7, 2011
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Should politicians have a retirement age? - Times Of India


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Should politicians have a retirement age?
Feb 29, 2004, 12.00am IST



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Sachin Pilot Young Congressman: Yes. The trend everywhere is catch them young. Why exclude politicians?

We are a young nation: almost 75 per cent of our billion plus population is below 40 years. Fifty-four per cent has not even crossed the age of 25. Ironical, isn't it then, that most of our top politicians are in their 70s; some are even 80 plus. Ads by Google

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It's the norm in every society to give younger people — who have the zest, desire and determination — a chance to prove themselves, be it in sports, entertainment, business or media. Why exclude politics? RELATED ARTICLES

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There comes a time when the baton has to be passed, when a certain political space has to be vacated, so that India's present can shape its future. I don't believe in a specific retirement age for our politicians. The decision should be a voluntary one. The guidelines regarding retirement can be set down by each political party. Politicians would need...
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