Should Juvenile Criminals Be Tried as Adults?

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February 1, 2013
English 1250
Argument Essay
Should Juveniles be tried as Adults?
Juveniles are children who fall under the age of eighteen and have committed a crime. Since they are so young it plays a part in the decision of whether they will placed in a trail that an adult will be placed under or not. The age of the person who commits the crime is the reason why juvenile delinquency punishments are less harsh at times then if an adult would’ve committed the same crime. I feel that if a crime is harsh enough than a juvenile should be tried as an adult. Anyone who commits a crime and breaks the law should be held accountable no matter what the age is. We should all be responsible for our own actions.

Many people wonder if trying a juvenile in the same way as an adult will turn out to be a better solution to stop crime. I believe if a child is made responsible for his or her actions she will think twice the next time before he or she reacts. People who commit crimes and then go unpunished for what they did are more than likely to commit another crime or duplicate the first crime they committed. If children think they can get away with their actions they will continue to do the same things over and over again.

As a criminal justice major I think everyone should pay a price if they decide to break the law. There should be no special treatment no matter what age the defendant is. A crime is a crime no matter where you go or who you are. I know understand that some children who commit crimes a fairly young and people feel like they don’t have the mental ability to understand what they did because they are so young. Children are taught right from wrong from infancy. We guide our children their whole lives until adulthood. Children are more than capable of understanding right from wrong. The problem is we as parents defend our children because we don’t feel like they’re capable of understanding, when the truth is we are merely just handicapping our...
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