Should Everyone Go to University?

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Everyone should be required to undertake a university education. With the social development, there are various reasons that will influence whether students want to go to university. It may lead to different kinds of effect in the contemporary world. Therefore, some people make a thorough analysis of this alarming phenomenon, that today college students are studying hard to acquire all of skills at university, and it might waste their time in their life. This essay discusses whether everyone should be forced to go to university. The first important reason why people should be forced to accept the higher education is because it is a personal investment that can improve their life's quality in the future. It is quite obvious that, in a university system, not only do people learn the knowledge in books but people also acquire some spiritual ideology brought about by the teacher’s personality. In other words, from university education system, people can acquire what they need to know for the future life. Potter (2006) mentions that in an education agenda, ‘University graduates also enjoy lots of other non-market benefits, including a lifetime of better mental and physical health, stronger social networks, and higher social status’. Indeed, university education may have more opportunities and benefits than high school. Therefore, degree holders can try their best to use university knowledge to change their situation and make they live better than that high school leavers. Next, higher education is also beneficial to the whole society. Society proves that universities provide many professionals that make a contribution to the public, such as teachers or health professionals (Badat 2010). Naturally, these kinds of professionals, like doctors or teachers, should study some relevant specialized courses at university so they can be a specialized person in these professional fields. Indeed, society needs such high quality graduates from university in each position. In...
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