Should Everyone Be Required to Go to Univeristy

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Name: Nguyen Danh Khoa
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Many students choose to attend higher education after graduating high school because they believe that it is a good environment to prepare for their future. However, others think that entering university is one of causes which lead to increase the rate of unemployment and they can go to vocational training or work to gain experiment and improve their skills. This essay will argue that everyone should be required to go to university because students can improve the quality of their lifes and gain benefits such as career opportunities with higher earnings.

The first reason is that personal investment can improve the quality of students’ life in the future. University graduates have more opportunities to get jobs than high school graduates. Baum and Payea (2004) show that for all racial groups, the higher educational attainment, the lower unemployment rate. Employers usually want to recruit good quality-staff and in countries such as Korea having the degree not only makes it easier to get jobs but also to get respect from other people. Breen (2009) admits that if a young people cannot go to university in Korea, they will face problems in getting jobs and in the way they are viewed.

The second reason is that university can build and enhance some useful skills that will help students in real life. In university, students are able to study analytical and reasoning skills from the lesson, which will support them in the work arena. For example, students in RMIT can study critical thinking, which is an important component of most professions. According to the University of Edinburgh (2012), critical thinking skills can be applied to many area of work such as solution of troubles, planning of generalship and problem shooting so it is necessary to demonstrate to employers what can they do with these jobs.

The final reason is about benefits to the whole society. With...
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