Should Drugs Be Legalised in Sport?

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  • Published : April 27, 2012
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Should performance enhancing drugs be legal in sports?

There is a lot made of sports people taking performance enhancing drugs during training or competition. But many people are still split on the subject of drugs in sport. is it fair , is it in the spirit of the sport, there arguments for both sides in the sports world, in my following research I will put forward an un-biased view on both sides of the coin, using many sources of past research , books , and trusted internet sites. I will be discussing sports has a whole industry rather than specifying one particular sport or event, taking the main issues and explaining both sides.

Drug testing in sports is very common now. In most professional and some amateur sports events across the globe, drug testing is used randomly or the people that normally finish first second and third are drudges tested on a precautionary measure. They can turn up anywhere and at any time, and you must supply them with a valid drugs test within one hour of being notified that your national governing body has required you to undertake a drugs test. In most cases the urine drugs test is used but the blood drugs test and know the hair follicle drug test can be used. The most common is the urine test, but at major sports events the other two will be used.

Case for legalisation

The case for legalisation of performance enhancing drugs in sport is mostly made by the athletes themselves (‘currently an athlete is held ‘strictly liable ‘for whatever substances are found in his or her body. such a strict liability provision rules out any defence’)( vassal gringo (2004). the Olympic games explained. Great Britain: Rutledge. 184-185.) so even if the athlete unwillingly or unknowingly takes a drug, they will still be prosecuted to the full extent of the rules, and sometimes even law. In some countries (e.g.; France) athletes that fail drugs tests are also arrested and sentenced for defrauding the public. Just imagine if you were...
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