Should Developing Countries Concentrate on Improving Industrial Skills or Should They Promote Education First?

Topics: Human Development Index, Learning, Development Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first? As everyone knows that a government represents the people to operate the whole nation and to structure a well-organized system for development, on the other hand, a powerful nation needs a strong administrative government which could constitute beneficial policies for the people, because government is closely connected with people, and its relationship is unbreakable. So, any policies government made are important directly influencing people’s life. Useful policies provide a nation right direction to help its development in any fields such as economy, education, industry and military; in contrast, bad ones pull the whole nation down. Simply it can be said, constitution of policies makes the decision of national development, and especially it’s much more important in developing countries than advanced countries. Then, in developing procedure which one should be developed first, improving industrial skills or promoting education?

In my opinion, promoting education is basically more important than industrial skills improvement. One of reasons is it can not be doubted that industrial development or improvement is based on technology development which requires specialists, especially advanced technologies, which developing countries could not independently develop, need to be imported though high-educated people, therefore, even if a nation has abundant mines or materials, without well-structured and widespread education development, the resources surely can not be well used to develop technologies. And, oppositely, low-educated people slow down development.

Another reason is well-structured education system means frequencies of transmission and communication of diversified and different information. It not only helps education to be popularized, but also enhances the possibility of acquirement from advanced countries. Moreover, a nation has a...
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