Should Bullying Be a Criminal Offence

Topics: Bullying, Relational aggression, Abuse Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Should bullying be a criminal offence?
Bullying – A form of aggressive behaviour manifested by the use of physical, mental or verbal actions. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. There are three potential effects it can have on victims. Mental effects, physical effects and long-term effects. So should bullying be a crime? No, I don’t think it should. In my opinion, it really just depends on the extent of the bullying. Firstly, something you do when you are 18 or younger, shouldn’t ruin the rest of your life. If bullying does become a criminal offence, then you’ll have a criminal record for the rest of your life which limits where you can work and travel. You shouldn’t bully anyone in the first place, so you should have consequences but having it as a criminal offence is a bit too far. I mean, depending on how far you take the bullying. If you do it to the extent where the victim is harming themselves then yes, something serious should happen but if it’s not too serious, something that’s not too extreme than a criminal offence, should be the punishment. Secondly, education on the issue is better than an offence. We should teach children and teens about bullying and whatever issue there may be because they might not know what bullying is and how much it impacts on their victims. They could think it’s just fun and games but it really isn’t, so we should teach them and make them aware of how people feel when they are being bullied, not have them getting a criminal record for the rest of their lives when they were unsure about how bad the bullying got. Lastly, most bullies have big issues either physically or emotionally in their own home or personal life. We don’t know how they’re living or what they are going through. If they are being abused at home, then the bully’s only reason for bullying is because since they are being bullied themselves, it’s okay to do it to other people, when it’s not. If they keep thinking it’s okay to keep bullying...
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