Shortcomings of Print Media

Topics: Media studies, Media, Education Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: January 31, 2011
This article is written by an Ehow Contributor, does not have the name for the writer. This article was taken up from Ehow. The writer had researched about the disadvantages of an education with print media. It is just a one page article which simply provides us the main short comings with the education of print media. As we all know that print media is no longer the most effective way of spreading awareness among the people. Print media was probably the first effective way of bringing news to the people / community. Print media had been the most effective way of making people aware of the news. Then with education came along different types of media, and electronic media is one of them. The main objective of this article is also to let the reader know about the short comings of education of print media. Since electronic media has been more effective because it has the advantages which print media lack. The speed of the news reaching the audience is much faster than that of print media. People who receive the education from print media would have the difficulty of adapting quickly to the changing circumstances. Electronic media is always up to date as compared to print media which has deadlines to meet. Secondly the quantity of information given to those who are educated with print media would be less, as the electronic media would be able to cover the latest information which the print media cannot follow. Print media is basically emphasizing more on quality and accuracy rather than speed and once printed the images or text cannot be changed. Print media can only be issued a limited number of times and not like electronic media which has no deadline and the more information it generates the more audience would be attracted to it, and this is where print media falls back. Electronic media takes place of print media only because it has a good speed and quality and accuracy can always be inserted or changed later which is impossible for print media to change...
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